Reviews of one the best thriller books ;)

Some interesting reviews of “my” thriller book Operation Jai Mata Di 😉

“If you have seen the movie “A Wednesday”, this is Wednesday, Thursday n Friday…”

Reviews of one the best thriller books ;)

“Op JMD is one of the most engrossing books that I have read in recent times. It is relevant and believable. Fast paced, fun read. The keeps you guessing till the surprising end. A must read for anyone interested in reading a thriller. Overall an enjoyable read, a nail biting thriller, I will give this 4/5… ”

“The salient point about this book is the superb plot set in contemporary Indian political scene. The book gets off to a slow start but then picks up pace and ends with a “kahani mein twist” climax – much like our bollywood thrillers. As mentioned by other reviewers the characters are a bit weak but it doesn’t really matter as its a short book. You continue to read through due to the plot and the associated suspense element where the book does’t disappointment at all”

Reviews of one the best thriller books ;)

“After going through the title, cover image and synopsis, this book appears like a typical hostage saga with the only difference being the number of hostages. But thankfully, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The book in totality is a motivating and inspiring political drama providing and hope amidst complete apathy by the political class…”

“Before starting on this book, I would like to set the context here. I had just come out of reading a very serious fiction that had multitudes of complexity embedded. Was very skeptical at the beginning on my reading choice when i picked up Operation Jai Mata di primarily because it would be in complete contrast to my previous book. But buoy! wasn’t I in for a surprise when I started it! It was not only a welcome change but the beginning was as hair raising as any best in class thrillers. The whole book took me on a mission along with the characters in the book right from the word go. It kept me on my toes and turned out to be a page turner…”

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