Feeling Low is Natural

Feeling low is one among the repertoire of emotional expressions that we possess. And we must not shun it. We should learn to revel in it, and at times, even exploit it productively. We do know of beautiful sad songs, right? Those wonderfully touching plots and poems? I bet people might not have composed them in happier states of mind.

Feeling Low is Natural

So well, you do get a little low at times, and that’s , and that’s natural. But then after permitting yourself the indulgence, you pick up the shreds, project a castle in the air and start making your way towards it; step by step.

Step by step. Holding yourself. Yeah, that’s more like it!

2 thoughts on “Feeling Low is Natural”

  1. Yes pratik…. feeling low and sad is part and parcel of life. but that doesn’t mean you have to stop living…either you accept it and move on or you sulk in it,choice is entirely up to you.. every step counts as you said… so move on like never before.

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