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Focial, are you?

(sometime in the future … )

“Good facebook”, I greet rubbing my eyes as I wake up in the morning.

And the app on my phone picks up my voice. Meticulously it goes through the new posts of last 7 hours and ‘likes’ them alternately, taking care that within 2 or 3 such mornings, all my friends and family have at least one like by me.

This artificial intelligence based app keeps me in touch with all my uncles, aunts, siblings, nephews and close friends by ‘liking’ them all…, learns from me, and keeps me in the loop with regards to what it’s liking, etc. so that some day I’m not caught off guard.

(Really? Is there that AI app? 
Search for it – or – read the very first line – in italics)

Anyways the point is, we seem to be living in a ‘hurried’ sort of a . There’s hardly any time to travel distances, meet people, visit friends, talk on the phone, etc –  which could now be defined as parts of the Old Socializing Approaches. Even writing emails somehow now seems archaic…

FB has spawned the New Socializing Methods. On one platform you can see what your friends and family are upto, what pics they are sharing, their current status, their current likings, etc. And if you are social enough, you will like them, may be even drop in a comment, and they’ll like and comment on your updates in return – the whole positive feedback cycle of liking starts thus. That’s the new social interaction method on Facebook – being Focial.

You like, they like. You comment, they comment. Congratulations! And you are now an important element in the fociety – you are a highly focial animal.

Well if you are the recluse type, you might not want to like anything or comment upon anything. In typical olden socialization methods, that would tantamount to you sitting alone on a sofa in a corner of a room while a party is going on and people are interacting with each other. People will still attempt to talk with you but eventually they will give up if they don’t have a good enough response.

In the new fociety’s focializing methods, this would be akin to you not liking their updates or posts, and vice versa. If you really hate someone now, for instance, just don’t like him or her. It’s that simple.

And if you are a realized person – the kinda guy who sees triviality in all things extant, or someone who wants to shed all relations and take up a harsh sanyaas… rrrelax.

In the new fociety, thanks to the focialization approaches it has spawned, you don’t really need to  renunciate stuff! It’s become much easier…

Deleting your facebook account or just not having one will suffice!

Information Frenzy – what I really need

Given the giga bytes of information around, all I need is:

1. an intelligent customized search agent – which gives me answers rather than answer options.
2. a fast and accurate speech recognition application, which I haven’t come across yet
3. sixth sense kind of screening ability, whenever, wherever
4. a time for self when the on my device automatically shuts off

Real Time Internet, the new Web X.0s & Productivity

I’ve been reading a lot lately on the internet – on web 3.0, 4.0 and the future possible versions. At present all the x.0s are based on a few advances and best guesses. 3.0 talks about semantic web where the machines will talk with each other & parse than just serving them on the screen, 4.0 hatches a plot about how inter-connectivity will help quick and intelligent coordination between governments, institutions, individuals and companies. 5.0 takes this even further – just guess everyone’s connected, the web has become powerful, there is instant info, and the machines can take intelligent decisions for everyone’s sake based upon logical inputs and artificial learning.

Think Terminator? “Humans will be back”!

As of now there’s the real time internet, let’s call it web 2.5x  – the current unfolding phenomenon on social networks and other platforms. These are these real time tweets which announce moment by moment updates, location based applications which announce deals in the neighboring outlets, presence of friends around and even the names and historical significanced of buildings and places as I stroll by!

There are now umpteen sites which do this all – just go to mashable and do some research. Yes, foursquare is one, loopt is other and check out the 15 more sites, plus many more which are not mentioned!

Some where I read again, that Americans consume almost 34 GBs of data every day from all sources of media.

Frankly I have now seen people, including myself, multitasking with information (info-tasking) – talking on one hand and berrying on the other, even during meetings or family time. A patient ear to my wife or child while reading and typing on my blackberry do not go hand in hand and often end up with disastrous results, Yet I stay addicted – crack berry as they say (I am working on it).

The question I ponder then is that has this age of multitude of information, instant information and instant gratification significantly led to increase in standards of living, efficiencies, productivities, health, amount of available spare time and reduction in stress levels in human beings?

Or simply put, has my quality of living increased, or will it significantly in the future?  Is info-tasking the new social behavior? Am I better off because I know the precise time when someone sneezed and twitted about it!