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The Problem with Hindi Concerts…

It’s 6 minutes to 00:00 – the new year! Shaan is going great guns, Vasundhara was great too.

The large screen showed them all the time. Note: just them.

There was great guitar going on – lead and bass, great percussion and classy keyboards. But the camera didn’t give a fluke (is that the word….fluke?) about them.

Boss, get the camera over the guitar frets, the keys and the drums….show the leads being played, the tangent fret board, get the camera there, on the keys, the drummer hitting with all his might…. show those guys for pete’s sake… what’s with the face of a single guy all the time!!

Then the guitar guys are also standing still…as if they are playing a santoor or something. Move ass guys, show some style!

There was this female bass player – Shalini – in Vasundhara’s band. She was cool…. the babe was a cool bass player, looked cool and had a subtle style around her. And I have this thing for female musicians,
esp. guitarists.

It’s now. I stand up and clap. People are in groups – they hug each other. I have no one to hug, no one to greet. I observe.

I ponder on the problem with hindi song concerts.