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Egos Abound!

A bit abstract, but here goes…

As I look around, I see thousands of us moving on, about our little works, thinking on, and as we look around, expressing our importance or feeling an inherent, natural need to look relatively important, controlling, thus relatively powerful.

Why is such an ego appeasing need in us? What if we had no egos, no need to prove ourselves, no need to feel important – just going about the doing our own little things, enabling others, and moving on with no requisite of proving ourselves over others?

And what does appeasement of our ego make us feel? Happy? Powerful?

After all it’s only subjective, relative and in one’s own sphere. There are infinite such spheres anyways in this universe, and there are infinite universes by themselves. So how powerful are we?.

Why can’t we just be? Just get on with being ourselves and that’s it. That the world exists is an external phenomenon anyways – why should it affect our intrinsic state of being?

Why do we have to have an external reference for ourselves?