Focial, are you?

(reposting from 2012)

(sometime in the future … )

“Good facebook”, I greet rubbing my eyes as I wake up in the morning.

And the app on my phone picks up my voice. Meticulously it goes through the new posts of last 7 hours and ‘likes’ them alternately, taking care that within 2 or 3 such mornings, all my friends and family have at least one like by me. 

This artificial intelligence based app keeps me in touch with all my uncles, aunts, siblings, nephews and close friends by ‘liking’ them all…, learns from me, and keeps me in the loop with regards to what it’s liking, etc. so that some day I’m not caught off guard.

(Really? Is there that AI app? 
Search for it – or – read the very first line – in italics)

Anyways the point is, we seem to be living in a ‘hurried’ sort of a . There’s hardly any time to travel distances, meet people, visit friends, talk on the phone, etc –  which could now be defined as parts of the Old Socializing Approaches. Even writing emails somehow now seems archaic…

FB has spawned the New Socializing Methods. On one platform you can see what your friends and family are upto, what pics they are sharing, their current status, their current likings, etc. And if you are social enough, you will like them, may be even drop in a comment, and they’ll like and comment on your updates in return – the whole positive feedback cycle ofliking starts thus. That’s the new social interaction method on Facebook – being Focial.

You like, they like. You comment, they comment. Congratulations! And you are now an important element in the fociety – you are a highly focial animal. 

Well if you are the recluse type, you might not want to like anything or comment upon anything. In typical olden socialization methods, that would tantamount to you sitting alone on a sofa in a corner of a room while a party is going on and people are interacting with each other. People will still attempt to talk with you but eventually they will give up if they don’t have a good enough response. 

In the new fociety’s focializing methods, this would be akin to you not liking their updates or posts, and vice versa. If you really hate someone now, for instance, just don’t like him or her. It’s that simple.

And if you are a realized person – the kinda guy who sees triviality in all things extant, or someone who wants to shed all relations and take up a harsh sanyaas… rrrelax.

In the new fociety, thanks to the focialization approaches it has spawned, you don’t really need to  renunciate stuff! It’s become much easier… 

Deleting your facebook account or just not having one will suffice!

Operation Jai Mata Di – Teaser Video

Over 10,000 pilgrims are taken hostage en route to the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi. The hostage-takers threaten to shoot pilgrims every day…

Operation Jai Mata Di – Book Released!

Operation Jai Mata Di should be well on it’s way to become the highest rated thriller book of all time 😉

Operation Jai Mata Di - Book Released!

In a daring midnight operation by armed men, over 10,000 pilgrims are taken hostage en route to the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi, a popular Himalayan religious-tourist destination in the troubled state of Jammu & Kashmir in Northern . The hostage-takers threaten to shoot pilgrims every day, unless the incumbent Government accedes to their demands.

With the Hindu festival of Diwali just around the corner and elections less than six months away, the Government at the center is under immense pressure to act. What will the Government do? The army? The intelligence agencies? The common man?

No terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Who are these men? Is there a larger plot? Faced with such unprecedented events, will the country descend into unimaginable anarchy or will it rise above the issues of collective apathy and greed that have plagued it since Independence?

When Undone

In a where I am alone
In those times when I am undone
I want a ray to shine on me
I want your face to be with me
Forever, when we’ll be gone
Would remain the times we longed
By the river, across the sea

On top of the mountains, you and me

The ways through which I stride

As I stride across the mountains
I realize the valleys yonder
And as I drift across the ocean
I realize the deepest wonder
There are clouds that come my way
The sun that shoves them away
I wade thru rain, I walk thru shine
Oh the ways, thru which I stride

Three Little Things

You learn
You play
You unplay
Start again
Stop again
And start again
Stop again
And one day, you’ll all breakdown
One day, you’ll all breakdown
Three little things written on a paper
Three little things that really really matter
Ten other things push your away
You’ll need You to pull it your way…
And one day, you’ll all breakdown
One day, you’ll all breakdown
Three little things written on a paper
Three little things that really really matter
Ten other things push your life away
You’ll need You to pull it your way…
Else one day you’ll all breakdown
One day, Should you really breakdown?
Life’s one
Have fun
Give it a go
Your best shot
Be wise
Don’t you die, Survive
Else one day you’ll all breakdown
One day, you’ll really breakdown
Those three little things written on a paper
Three little things that really really mattered
Ten little things dragged your life away
You needed You to tear it all away…
Else one day, you’ll all breakdown
One day, you’ll all breakdown

Break Lose

I just need to break lose,
Step out and discover
The for myself, or,
Remain trapped
Within the confines
Of your creations

The journey

The people in the car
Stiff, stuck-up
Eyes glued to the screens
Not even an ack
Not even a smile
in their phones
Jabbing at the keys
Headphones in their ears
And a young man
P’raps as stuck-up
Observing it all
Penning it all

Wisp of Air

(regurgitating an old post)

As I look out of the window
And see my home pass by
I realize that years have passed
Time has flown
There must be my marks in that house somewhere
A wisp of my breath lingering
Some evidence that I had once lived here
And that house was but my belonging
The street outside must have my footmarks
Certainly the marks of the cycle I rode
My school must still have my mischief in its corridors, I’m sure
And the where I played;
Oh, the trees must recognize me surely

But I realize
There are new dwellers now
The home, the street, the school, the garden
Which I once called mine, are someone else’s now
For my marks were only temporal
I had no claim
The stay was short
But the desire strong
In the scheme of things
I have moved on
I will move on
Guess, I’ll hardly be anywhere
But for a minutiae, a blip
And a lingering wisp of air…

What 10-year plan?!

“So how do you see yourself 10 years from now?” she asked, her lovely, long eyelashes doing little to blunt her deep, sadistic gaze that cut right through me. I somehow always knew that this WOULD be one of the questions – it always is! But this time I didn’t prepare for this one. I maintained a false calm about me as I bought split seconds before coming forth with the most apt answer.

Inside me, my neurons had already recoiled, dug and traveled millions of layers deep to the first time I had confronted a similar question, 10 years back. Deep inside, at that time, I had wanted to be a rock star, and a business magnate; both combined. I’d have a big home with lush gardens, a giant factory where I’d have thousands of people working for me, working upon one of my innovations. At night, I’d have a band and I’d be playing my own compositions. And I’d be living with my girl as well.
But well, I couldn’t share my innermost dreams with someone I had just met at an interview table, could I? I also knew just what to say; just what she wanted to hear! I fabricated the most brilliant of responses – ambition and aggression par-comparison. I got the job!

Now, back to the present, another batch of neurons volunteered with the ferocity of warriors. Upon finding nothing worthwhile in the deep recesses of my mind, they had got ready to sacrifice their conscience for want of a satisfactory ’10 years from now’ concoction.
I waived them off. I didn’t need their help. I just smiled at the lady with lovely, long lashes. “I don’t have a 10 year plan,” I said, as I got up to leave. “In fact,” to my own surprise, I added,  “I don’t even have a 1-year plan.”
As expected, the lady was taken aback, her eyelashes started fluttering in rapid, disappointing movements as she looked beyond me. I walked out, sad to have lost an opportunity, but happy nevertheless to have conveyed what I really wanted to.

My last 1-year plan didn’t work, my last 5-year plan didn’t work, and my last 10-year plan got all screwed up. I’m not a rock star today; nor am I a business tycoon. In fact, I had just walked-in for a work interview!
I never had planned traveling continents, or climbing mountains, or writing and playing sports – all of which have given me the most exhilarating moments of my . I never had even planned upon coming across the most important and wonderful people I have in my life. I never planned upon the downs that I came across in the last 10 years, nor the ups; nor upon the attitude I currently have.

And tomorrow, if I get the right position in the right shoe company, I’d live up to it with as much passion as I would when climbing a mountain, or returning a volley!

So what 10-year plan!? Or a 5-year plan for that matter!? What triviality!