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Hello world!

Just another guy, I am
Amongst you.
A speck in the Universe, or,
May be you.

Black and Light

Black and Light
Black and White Tree

A Purpose Hidden

Millions in the melee
Each a story, an ego
Like I, like you
And a purpose
Lost, hidden 
Deep beneath the layers
Of existence

A Connect

As I sleep beneath the sky
And look up at the stars
I grasp to rekindle a Connect
That had lit me once
Of the stars, and I
And the whole wide world
A warm, gentle Quiet
That had pierced me thus

Another life, another time?

Another life, another time?

As another body lies still
And a escapes
I wonder what am I gunning after
Am I pursuing a transience,
A phantasmagoric zilch
That would reward me with nothing
And take away all
As one day I burn awayWould I at least now change my rhyme?
Align myself with myself?
Stop beating with the trivial,
for another life, another time.

The ways through which I stride

As I stride across the mountains
I realize the valleys yonder
And as I drift across the ocean
I realize the deepest wonder
There are clouds that come my way
The sun that shoves them away
I wade thru rain, I walk thru shine
Oh the ways, thru which I stride

Break Lose

I just need to break lose,
Step out and discover
The for myself, or,
Remain trapped
Within the confines
Of your creations

Wisp of Air

(regurgitating an old post)

As I look out of the window
And see my home pass by
I realize that years have passed
Time has flown
There must be my marks in that house somewhere
A wisp of my breath lingering
Some evidence that I had once lived here
And that house was but my belonging
The street outside must have my footmarks
Certainly the marks of the cycle I rode
My school must still have my mischief in its corridors, I’m sure
And the where I played;
Oh, the trees must recognize me surely

But I realize
There are new dwellers now
The home, the street, the school, the garden
Which I once called mine, are someone else’s now
For my marks were only temporal
I had no claim
The stay was short
But the desire strong
In the scheme of things
I have moved on
I will move on
Guess, I’ll hardly be anywhere
But for a minutiae, a blip
And a lingering wisp of air…

Slush pool

Bit by bit
In the slush I drown
And whence I emerge
I’m something else
Covered in grit
Impure and thick
So indomitable
It weighs my spirit down


You live in illusion and the appearance of things. 
There is a reality, but you do not know this.
When you understand this, you will see that you are nothing, and being nothing, you are everything.

That is all.
– read somewhere