What 10-year plan?!

“So how do you see yourself 10 years from now?” she asked, her lovely, long eyelashes doing little to blunt her deep, sadistic gaze that cut right through me. I somehow always knew that this WOULD be one of the questions – it always is! But this time I didn’t prepare for this one. I maintained a false calm about me as I bought split seconds before coming forth with the most apt answer.

Inside me, my neurons had already recoiled, dug and traveled millions of layers deep to the first time I had confronted a similar question, 10 years back. Deep inside, at that time, I had wanted to be a rock star, and a business magnate; both combined. I’d have a big home with lush gardens, a giant factory where I’d have thousands of people working for me, working upon one of my innovations. At night, I’d have a band and I’d be playing my own compositions. And I’d be living with my girl as well.
But well, I couldn’t share my innermost dreams with someone I had just met at an interview table, could I? I also knew just what to say; just what she wanted to hear! I fabricated the most brilliant of responses – ambition and aggression par-comparison. I got the job!

Now, back to the present, another batch of neurons volunteered with the ferocity of warriors. Upon finding nothing worthwhile in the deep recesses of my mind, they had got ready to sacrifice their conscience for want of a satisfactory ’10 years from now’ concoction.
I waived them off. I didn’t need their help. I just smiled at the lady with lovely, long lashes. “I don’t have a 10 year plan,” I said, as I got up to leave. “In fact,” to my own surprise, I added,  “I don’t even have a 1-year plan.”
As expected, the lady was taken aback, her eyelashes started fluttering in rapid, disappointing movements as she looked beyond me. I walked out, sad to have an opportunity, but happy nevertheless to have conveyed what I really wanted to.

My last 1-year plan didn’t work, my last 5-year plan didn’t work, and my last 10-year plan got all screwed up. I’m not a rock star today; nor am I a business tycoon. In fact, I had just walked-in for a work interview!
I never had planned traveling continents, or climbing mountains, or writing and playing sports – all of which have given me the most exhilarating moments of my . I never had even planned upon coming across the most important and wonderful people I have in my life. I never planned upon the downs that I came across in the last 10 years, nor the ups; nor upon the attitude I currently have.

And tomorrow, if I get the right position in the right shoe company, I’d live up to it with as much passion as I would when climbing a mountain, or returning a volley!

So what 10-year plan!? Or a 5-year plan for that matter!? What triviality!

2 thoughts on “What 10-year plan?!”

  1. Nice one .. I think as we grow older we tend to become defensive especially with kids etc… And as a result give untrue answers to people..appreciate the honesty there..it certainly vibes with me too..very few of us must be living their lives as per their dreams..but so is life..live in the moment with all the passion you can and cherish them for the joys they bring! Yours truly…

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