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If I could absorb you
You are as energetic as once I was
I could absorb your energy
Together, we would radiateIf I could look at you
And let myself be taken in
The would cease to exist
I would just want you.

My eyes would caress you
And glisten at your sight
Maybe moisten too
Time will cease to exist

My eyes would follow your every move
Your slightest movement, your lightest smile
Would be entrenched in
The camera of my eye

But I don’t remember when was
The last time I laughed
When, the last time
I had unabashed fun

My memories are but a dream
And dreams were so wonderful
But now they’d be always be
Wishes, and dreams

What, when, how?
Wish I knew the answers
All I wanna do is laugh
Atleast smile

Like those old days
When there was so much fun
There was such a wonderful I, always
Who’s since long bid a bye

Where is he?
Anyone seen him around?
If there’s someone I miss
It’s I

A dangerous twister, p’raps,
Landed me on another land
Where it’s you, where it’s me
Where everywhere it’s the sea