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Reviews of one the best thriller books ;)

Some interesting reviews of “my” thriller book Operation Jai Mata Di 😉

“If you have seen the movie “A Wednesday”, this is Wednesday, Thursday n Friday…”

Reviews of one the best thriller books ;)

“Op JMD is one of the most engrossing books that I have read in recent times. It is relevant and believable. Fast paced, fun read. The keeps you guessing till the surprising end. A must read for anyone interested in reading a thriller. Overall an enjoyable read, a nail biting thriller, I will give this 4/5… ”

“The salient point about this book is the superb plot set in contemporary Indian political scene. The book gets off to a slow start but then picks up pace and ends with a “kahani mein twist” climax – much like our bollywood thrillers. As mentioned by other reviewers the characters are a bit weak but it doesn’t really matter as its a short book. You continue to read through due to the plot and the associated suspense element where the book does’t disappointment at all”

Reviews of one the best thriller books ;)

“After going through the title, cover image and synopsis, this book appears like a typical hostage saga with the only difference being the number of hostages. But thankfully, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The book in totality is a motivating and inspiring political drama providing and hope amidst complete apathy by the political class…”

“Before starting on this book, I would like to set the context here. I had just come out of reading a very serious fiction that had multitudes of complexity embedded. Was very skeptical at the beginning on my reading choice when i picked up Operation Jai Mata di primarily because it would be in complete contrast to my previous book. But buoy! wasn’t I in for a surprise when I started it! It was not only a welcome change but the beginning was as hair raising as any best in class thrillers. The whole book took me on a mission along with the characters in the book right from the word go. It kept me on my toes and turned out to be a page turner…”

For more reviews pls visit Operation Jai Mata Di – the thriller.

Is that enough self-promotion?

Avatar and 3D televisions

Watched in 3D. Classy fare. Takes you to a different , literally, and then “thud”, you are back as the movie comes to an end. You would rather wish that the movie would go on…

The story is nornal – that of love, greed and switching loyalties. The delivery is fantastic – you are in a fantasy world all through the movie! So I call it a regular fare served on a golden platter!

More such movies, and 3D would become a regular, essential fare. The production of 3D movies would only become viable and intensify with the coming of 3D television sets displaying 3D home video at premium
prices. Currently producers of such movies are only dependant upon premium revenues from 3D exhibitions besides regular exhibitions and home video.

A bit of research into 3D LCD screens here:

The tvs are yet to come of age, bandwidth is gonna be an issue and now you will need different broadcasting equipments. And please don’t ask me to wear glasses in my living room. That would be most ridiculous!

Did anyone mention about the cost – of tvs, home videos, content subscription? And what about iptv 3d content – that would require some internet bandwidth!

Guess it will take a couple of years (give it 3) for 3D tvs and content to become ‘mass oriented’. That’s in the developed countries. In the developing countries, where digital is still to become a norm and true broadband an aspiration, a couple of years more than 3. Also the content must necessitate 3d viewing – a sitcom or news
wouldn’t really require 3d unless they start abruptly shoving their fists at the viewers’ face trying to jolt them into attention, but would be fun for nature, sports channels. Plus fantasy movies…. Oh yes, it would be a great thing for advertisers!

Tomorrow I am sure they will start working on 3D mobile phones, etc., if they haven’t already!

Anyways, guess I need not regret my decision of buying a rather pricey, non 3D lcd tv a few months back.
3D at home is a few years away. Plus I don’t wish to wear any funny looking glasses in the comfort of my home…