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Definiton : Progress

As I stroll around one of my fav walking places – sardarbaug, vadodara,, I ponder on the def of ‘progress’. What is it?

The web defines progress as ‘movement in a positive way towards a goal’.

* Having completed my education and two post grad degrees,
* A job with its concomitant ups and and politics, and future pay and position prospects
* Having a cool family – wife, a kid and one more expected, while heeding to the need of my core family,
* Having grown up as a responsible member of the society,

…is it all progress?

Or is my blank, thoughtless, lazy strolling at sardarbaug without a bound of time, enjoying my fav music, distant from all but myself, contemplating these thoughts and others, and even choosing to contemplate none, penning a few … progress?

I guess definition of progress needs a goal; we have temporary andor dynamic in different domains, and we can measure our ‘progress’ wrt these goals.

But what is our progress? Have we really progressed? Have I? I don’t know. But tonight sure feels great! Bliss! And I am still lazying, strolling, kicking the mud as I tread!

….just heard that there has been a bomb blast at Pune… the bombs have really evolved. Is that progress?