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Na Kajre ki Dhaar

11.30 pm non stop bus from Vadodara to , courtesy the usual ‘W/L1 CHART PREPARED’ on Vadodara express.

A long hectic chorexhausting day when nothing really came to fruition. Both Vodafone and Tata Indicom guys screwed up. Those guys (and all in the league) are born to screw – the customers. Held the line for hours, barged into their offices….but ‘sorry sir, the service has been activated but you got te wrong sim’ and ‘sorry sir, the service is active but something’s screwed up; the matter has been escalated’ … respectively.

The sveltering heat, medical visits, hour long waits, skipped lunch, out of fuel gruel, out of and all that made for a very long day!

Icing on the cake: ‘W/L1 CHART PREPARED’

Flag down a rickshaw at 11.05pm and “Sir: dedh gunaa bhaadaa lagegaa, gyaaraah baj gayaa”.

A typical night. Empty streets. A few families heading home post social visits, a few vehicles parked at the icecream and pan vendors around town, some people loitering; smoke from burnt leaves and exhaust interspersed with dust creating wisps of yellow smoke beneath sodium street lamps & all of that which make a typical small town urban night air.

Amidst all this, the rickshaw wala ups the volume of a familiar old song setting the mood.

Na kajre ki dhaar
Na motiyo ke haar
Na koi kiya shringaar
Phir bhi kitni sundar ho,
Phir bhi kitni sundar ho

Man mein yaar bharaa
Aur tan mein yaar bharaa
Jeevan mein pyaar bharaa
Tum to mere priyavar ho,
Tum hi to mere priyavar ho

Typical night indeed. Very typical. I am whistling after a long time.