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Poor approach by the multiplexes?

There are 2 things you could do when faced with a situation: fear it or face it and react accordingly. If you are fearful, you hide yourselves in a locker, cower , and if you want to face it, you assert yourselves and your beliefs in the face of all odds.

The approach by the multiplexes wrt the hooligans’ warning over screening of MNIK is confusing.

They are certainly scared. It’s not wrong to be scared of course; I am only talking about eventual reactions here. How did the multiplexes react?

First of all, they cancelled all the advance bookings. The reaction was of fear. Then on Friday, they are opening one property each of each multiplex, one by one – just to check out. Best analogy is of a mouse which runs corner to corner, cowers down at the slightest sound. Kind of a thief who runs from one shadow to another bearing burden of his act.

What are the multiplexes afraid of? Are they afraid of standing upto their business model, their long principles and their goodwill? Checking out a morsel one by one only to suddenly scout to their
holes when needed.

Sad to note that not the hooligans, not the meek and incapable government but the very own film fraternity has let it down!

When it had to stand, it decided to cower.

Sham of a democracy!

We have elected governments in the states and in the center. And we have unelected unconstitutional powers. These powers are the real rulers of the country – for at their whims, the citizens of the
society are affected.

The government seems to have no effect on the actions of its citizens. Countless parrotted, half willed assurances from a diffident chief minister and an even weaker home minister, our elected representatives, seemed to have no effect on the business establishments and the citizens. In fact so weak do these govt
representatives appear that sometimes I wonder who needs to be protected – the citizens or the politicos themselves. They look as if they themselves are begging for help. Their faces aspires no confidence, but certainly aspires sympathies for them.

A roar of a wild lion is enough to keep citizens at bay for fear of their and their family’s security, and the strongly abled but weakly principled business houses, measured only by bottom lines, scouring
for cover.

And instead of killing the lion, nipping the roars at their bud, the elected government choses to look the other way; guess that’s vote banks at work!

Furthermore the government is also protecting the lion, all 24 hours, 365 days a year with the tax payers’ money; lest we lose a national asset! So that the lion may continue to run wild and amok, and bite and kill, and destroy the very fabric of our beliefs, the sham of a constitution, that the pseudo elected government has vowed to protect!