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Row the boat

To a golden land
I could have moored
Climbed up the ladders
And then even more

But did I?
Sounds inane
May be I was blind or dense
Or plain insane

Oft I regret
And oft I fret
At times I wonder
If some place else’s where
‘I’ really wanted to tread

Far away
From what all say is ‘all’
To somewhere abstract
Some place yet unknown

And guess, I’ll just keep on rowin’ the boat
The will always be on
I’ll stop while I can
And enjoy the scenes as they come

What do you need…..

As the bus goes winding by
Thru the hills and the sunset
As you lie flat on the bed
Listening to ‘mora piya’ and the types
Relaxing, chilling
Enjoying, sentimentalizing
Sharing the only headphone
That one of you by chance remembered
Lying across
Feeling each other
500 miles away from home
Connected via a headphone..