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When am about done

Oh lord
In the end
When I am about done
Please make sure
I rest amidst the sources
That nurtured me
The greens sprawling
And a canopy of blue
When am about done

And as I smell
I partake the fragrance
Of the moist soil and flowers,
A stream gurgling and mountains nigh
As I look back
I feel contended and happy
For having done my best
Having lived a journey
With a smile on my face

When am about done
My eyes
Yet as strong
Fall upon those whom I love
Who hold my hand
With a cheerful smile
When am about done
As happily I bid them a bye
Till another place
Another time

And Iam ..er.. a bit tipsy, should I say

We’re having the success party. I am a bit tipsy. Loving it BIG Time !!!!

It’s cool. Everyone’s seems to be enjoying it. Being high does something to you.You simply start liking everyone and everything.

You become ‘blissful’ – with the One, sort of.
Everyone’s enjoying and I am feeling happy for everyone

It’s cool!