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Willpower and Discipline, Goals and Steps

It’s good to have a in . About life. But then the vision must trickle to goals. The goals must be further divided into to subgoals, and the subgoals into steps. More importantly, small, measurable steps.

Willpower and Discipline, Goals and Steps

These steps must be then adhered to. Sounds simple?

In fact, it’s the steps that are most difficult part.

Lofty vision and goals are the simplest of all, for who can’t build castles in the air? The steps are where we all go astray. It’s where we get and have intermittent bouts of frustrating realizations – that we’re pretty much where we were eons ago.

You require two qualities to hand hold you through the steps, and these attributes are what make this phase so arduous: Willpower and Discipline!

If you inculcate those qualities somehow, and sustain for a period of time… one step at a time, you get closer and closer to your goal(s).

So what’s the difference between vision, goals, willpower and discipline?

You have a vision for your life – an overarching desire of how your life should be. You break that into goals – the things that help define your vision. The goals can be broken into subgoals, and the subgoals can be further reduced to steps.

So Vision => Goals A B C => Sub Goals (A.1, A.2) => Measurable steps (A.1.i, A.1.ii…)  – precisely action and time defined.

The fuel for goal realization:

  1. Willpower: Conquering yourself, stepping out of the comfort zone, pushing through, and laying bare the duplicity and comfort of false excuses. Willpower helps you overcome your own state of inertia. It’s what makes you take the first step.
  2. Discipline: the quality required to sustain the next step. And the next, And on and on. Over and over again.

Willpower and Discipline, Goals and Steps

The timelines of Steps need to be strictly defined and followed. Else the goals fall. The vision crumbles. And you become just another day-dreaming sucker like the most of us!


Reading a Robin Sharma in which he mentions Jim Collins (who is he) concepts of Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs). If you have these, you will have a fire in your belly to get up early. Take out your journal and start cribbing, I mean, writing about your 1, 3, 5, 10 year , it says.

It has been my lifelong attempt to get up early in the – as early as 5 am, and of late 4 am (probably since the 5 am thing is not working) – and do something worthwhile – meditate, write, read for instance.

But I fall prey to the shut the alarm off syndrome, no matter in which room it is placed in the house. And then the late night movies certainly don’t help!

But say tomorrow onwards – saturday onwards, I will get up at 5 am in the morn.
Now where’s that journal …

My dream, Someone else’s efforts

Hmm… sacrifice & are the key they say to your dreams! I systematically lack both.
Every once in a while I realize, I strive for 2 days and then get back to those lacks. The count of ‘every once in a while’ must be into hundreds by now. Inertia & complacency overwhelm me most of the times.

And when I see one of them successfully living my dream, I am happy, but I realize again.

Boss, what’s going on? Hold on to this realization, will you?