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Tea mornings & the balcony

As I sip, I take a dip into … hmm … what’s now history … 25 years back…

“C’mon get up, tea’s ready”, and my sis and I would throw off our blankets, scramble and rush tthrough the routines for our  favorite part of all day – having tea with dad and mom in the balcony of our ground floor appartment in the township. Cane chairs would be pulled up, the swing would be set on a slow motion and hot tea would be served. My bro exercised a choice – he might join or not – all depending upon how late he woke up.

There would be casual conversations and laughs over tea; dad would go through the news and conclude upon the state of the firmly buttressed and rationalized through his astrological wisdom. Mom would offer her fundas, and we the kids had our own stands on things beyond us. Picking on each other was a norm. We would stretch the time as long as we could, and then scramble and rush through towards dashing off to school. You see, we adopted the JIT (just in time) approach even before we studied about the
method in college 😉

A pigeon flutters off taking a cue from its partner, and I come back to the present. My 6 year old is having her milk, and I, tea – in the balcony. We have a small balcony on the 6th floor of a building, no garden. There is a swing, yes, accomodated in the living room. My younger one, the mischievous 1.5 year old is fast asleep and wifey has an excuse since she’s the one who puts the lil’ one to sleep.

And as I take another sip, I look at my 6 year ol’. She seems to be enjoying the morning time in the balcony with me and her warm cup of milk. Little does she know that she’s been woken up @ 10 minutes earlier than usual for school… is that selfish ? 😉

Would be great if she starts having tea when older, I think. But right then my wife’s stern countenance flashes before me, and all my hopes are completely and comprehensively quashed. Well whatever keeps the mornings going…

As I hit the road to school, I think of the tea mornings, the ten-fifteen minutes of each morning that must have aggregated over thousands of hours of fun & quality time that we’ve had. We are all at different places now. I can only hope that the tea tradition remains intact…morning banters over cups of tea in the balcony…

My parents still continue the tradition … however there are no more giggles… the gaggle has left.

While coming back, the media player serves me a song…

Kyun desh videsh phire maara
Kyun haal behaal thakha haara

oh naadaan parindey, ghar aajaa

b l a n k

I feel so  b l a n k
And not okay
I feel as if I am being led
To I can’t quite figure where

Something’s pulling me
With all its might
I feel so helpless
Is this a fight?

Upheavels and i were never meant to be together
Yet here we are, hand in hand
Brothers in arms
Like best pals ever, playing in the sand (never mind … rhyme’s sake!)

Tide where you’re taking me
I feel so lost
Tide where you’re taking me
Now I need to be composed …

…And positive (cos’ that’s attitude, they say)
is a process
Kabhi idhar, kabhi udhar, and hey
What the ***k
(I meant heck, by the way)

Sometimes on a different path
You do get lost
And you do feel vacuous
And b l a n k

But, as they say, just hold on
There’s a story in the dark
There’s a way
Even in the unknown

So, worry me not for long
Cos I will soon be along

I will fill in the  b l a n k
And even sing a song!

Hand in hand….

Hand in hand
We walk some

x {…..
And as we go about
We part ways
We miss some

The memories
But a flotsam

On the path
We again gather some
We hold on

Hand in hand
We walk some

…… } return to x

Child again!

“You have not even tucked your shirt right,” I adjusted my dad’s shirt right in the middle of the track where we were walking walking. As we continued our early walk at Sardar baug, I kept on.

“You’ve also become absolutely lethargic, lazy. Did you read the books I had given to you last time?” I was not over yet. I had tons to say as we walked on the cobbled stones laid across the beautiful lush green .

“Have you, by any chance, also checked your test reports? The increase in your weight? 5 kgs in one year is something you should be concerned about. And …”

Suddenly my dad stopped in the middle of the tracks. He put up a hand silencing me and looked up at the tree above us…

“Koo oo, Koo oo,” he shrilled.
“‘Koo oo, Koo oo,” a cuckoo answered back.

The conversation lasted for over a minute while I stood mesmerized by the my dad had chosen to emphasize. He was beyond the trivialities we bother in our day to day lives. He was as excited as a little child having a tete-a-tete with a cuckoo hidden somewhere in the branches.

It is my dad’s turn to be a child again. And it’s my turn to be his father…