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Dealing with Waiting Forever

Have you ever experienced waiting forever for something to happen, for someone to revert, for things to get done?  How do you deal with the waiting period?

A forever wait:
Like an anticipation on hold
Expectations to the brim
Frustrations and anxiety
On the boil

Since years I’ve been holding this question to myself:  is it wrong to generate expectations in others, only not to fulfill them, or not bringing about a ‘closure’ to them?

Is it even wrong to make people wait (expectantly)? Is that disrespect? Arrogance?

Dealing with Waiting Forever

So how do we cope up with the waiting scenario: when we’re waiting forever on something to happen? A couple of approaches to consider:

  1. Relax: You’ve set a ball rolling. Let it free. If it be so, it shall come back to you. No point checking on it again and again.
  2. Keep rolling different balls.  One of those would come back to you?
  3. Do not be constricted. Open yourself to newer things, newer ideas. What is the new option you’ve thought of?
  4. Do not fight the situation or question. Accept it.
  5. Breathe! It’s certainly not the end of the world! Keep rollin’.
  6. And Finally: Call it Quits! You need not be the one to be on edge forever. Take the decision, accept and move on. to the next step. You will realize how simple becomes.

All of this wouldn’t certainly doesn’t apply to all the situations. If you’re  waiting for a ‘yes’ from someone you for instance, you don’t want to set different balls rolling, and think of options. But for sure, even if it doesn’t work out, it wouldn’t certainly be the end of the , would it?

New vistas shall open.

Breathe and Accept!