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The New Year Thing

So you gotta enjoy on the new year’s eve, right? Must till the clock strikes 00.00, smile at everybody like you’re really enjoying it and you’re so happy that the new year has eventually arrived, kiss your loved ones, hug one and all and promise yourselves that this year is the year. You are gonna make it right, make it big, be true to self and follow all your resolutions. This year is it!

Well, I can’t kiss anybody today. My family is an ocean across and am on a trip across for reasons I couldn’t appreciate.

Had no plans of a party till this pass dropped on my lap – Shaan, Atif and Vasundara Das are gonna perform. Can certainly check it out – a lone stag on a new year ‘gotta do something’ trip.

The sound arrangement is cool. I am a bit far from the stage but that’s okay. Only as I look at the event flow is the timing. Starts at 10 pm (they had announced 9.30) and gets over at 4am! Yes, I confirmed
again. Vow! Never been so late on a new year..

I already feel sleepy. Atif’s gonna perform at 01.30 – in the new year! Did I hear myself snore or was that some DJ stuff…hmm.. quite similar.

Long story short. I am not complaining. I will to be wide eyed all thru. Only hope I dominate over my sleep, hours of sitting on a chair and this waft of cold air right thru my sinusitic head. Sneeze.

4am is long…. wonder if I should look around for people to hug – a succor, as the new year, another year strikes.

The DJ has switched to mixing better melodies.

Guess, I better stay put. Sneeze.