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And Iam ..er.. a bit tipsy, should I say

We’re having the success party. I am a bit tipsy. Loving it BIG Time !!!!

It’s cool. Everyone’s seems to be enjoying it. Being high does something to you.You simply start liking everyone and everything.

You become ‘blissful’ – with the One, sort of.
Everyone’s enjoying and I am feeling happy for everyone

It’s cool!

3 Idiots : Movie Review

‘Excellence and not success is what people should be seeking. Success will automatically follow’ – this is the brief of the movie. Deep!.

Movie has all the ingredients and the right stars. Aamir, as usual, has lived upto his image of doing ‘meaningful’ films. Madhavan and Sharman live upto their potential.

But the movie owes big time to Boman Irani and the guy called ‘Chatur’ in the film (don’t know his name). They have been simply fabulous and a large part of the movie is on their shoulders.

Overall an engrossing normal story line which could have been shorter but for a few force fitted scenes after the interval… so drags a bit.

A must see for all though, certainly – a funny, emotional, pedantic take on our education system and on .

And the take away is lingering and deep. Deeepp…

Rating: 3.5 stars.