Feeling Low is Natural

Feeling low is one among the repertoire of emotional expressions that we possess. And we must not shun it. We should learn to revel in it, and at times, even exploit it productively. We do know of beautiful sad songs, right? Those wonderfully touching plots and poems? I bet people might not have composed them in happier states of mind.

Feeling Low is Natural

So well, you do get a little low at times, and that’s , and that’s natural. But then after permitting yourself the indulgence, you pick up the shreds, project a castle in the air and start making your way towards it; step by step.

Step by step. Holding yourself. Yeah, that’s more like it!

You played the game?

So you played the game?
You played honest and well?
You had fun?
For, as long as that is
Doesn’t matter
You or won.

An Ideal Partner

An Ideal Partner
life partner

A rhythmic strum
A string plucked,
In synchrony.
A complementary note
A major, a minor,
In perfect harmony.
A smile, a frequency…
A melody
That resonates through Eternity.

Two places

As I watch myself
I find that I’m everywhere
Between an adventure and a home
Between two ideologies
Two hearts, two emotions,
P’raps lost on the path of virtuosity

You brush across many
On the narrow streets of life
Most of them pass you by
… well, most of them.

The motto of life?

The motto of life?

Black and Light

Black and Light
Black and White Tree

Who am I

Who arst I, I ask myself often
And whence I know, I know,
I need know nothin’ more
I need say nothin’ more

Two Bogies

Bogies of different trains we are
That met at a station
We share more than the cursory
A linkage more than the evident

Now as the guard blows the whistle
And you pull out of the station
The heart beats faster
Threat of a mere memory looms
Alas your track runs different
Our destinations lead afar

But the is long
Many stations would come along
Deep I hope
Our tracks would meet again
And we would be stationed for good
At another station

A Purpose Hidden

Millions in the melee
Each a story, an ego
Like I, like you
And a purpose
Lost, hidden 
Deep beneath the layers
Of existence

A Connect

As I sleep beneath the sky
And look up at the stars
I grasp to rekindle a Connect
That had lit me once
Of the stars, and I
And the whole wide world
A warm, gentle Quiet
That had pierced me thus