Once upon a PM

It’s laughable. Utterly ridiculous.

Scam after scam has defined this PM. Otherwise touted to be one of the most intellectual PMs of , one of the ‘honest ones’ out there, he’s brought nothing but shame and inefficacy.

Hard to believe that he’s the one credited with bringing a positive change to India, once as a minister.


He’s made corruption a staple; endemic for a change. A PM who has allowed scams to pop up like pop-corns and he a pop corn vendor. A PM who hardly appears in public, who seems to be the very embodiment of a Kumbhkarna in perpetual slumber. Let the nation shake out of its roots – thou shalt not be perturbed.

So what does the PM do? I wonder. He certainly doesn’t take responsibility for his Team of The Corrupt, that’s for sure.

He’s The One Who Evades. The PM doesn’t see the need to talk to the nation on most important matters concerning the nation. And when he does ineffectively and feebly talk, it’s mostly the last moment face saving farce of an exercise which is too late. By that time the supreme court, the civilians, the media, the social activists … everyone’s given up on him.

You know what … a leader knows his team very well. So it’s highly improbable that the Leader of the Team of The Corrupt didn’t know what’s going on. Unless he didn’t want to know. Unless he was (a part of) The Team of The Corrupt.

However no one really talks about the PM. Is the PM above reproach? Is he Mr Integrity personified?



I used to believe that generally intellectual guys are honest.

No need on that one.

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