Child again!

“You have not even tucked your shirt right,” I adjusted my dad’s shirt right in the middle of the track where we were walking walking. As we continued our early morning walk at Sardar baug, I kept on.

“You’ve also become absolutely lethargic, lazy. Did you read the books I had given to you last time?” I was not over yet. I had tons to say as we walked on the cobbled stones laid across the beautiful lush green garden.

“Have you, by any chance, also checked your test reports? The increase in your weight? 5 kgs in one year is something you should be concerned about. And …”

Suddenly my dad stopped in the middle of the tracks. He put up a hand silencing me and looked up at the tree above us…

“Koo oo, Koo oo,” he shrilled.
“‘Koo oo, Koo oo,” a cuckoo answered back.

The conversation lasted for over a minute while I stood mesmerized by the my dad had chosen to emphasize. He was beyond the trivialities we bother in our day to day lives. He was as excited as a little child having a tete-a-tete with a cuckoo hidden somewhere in the branches.

It is my dad’s turn to be a child again. And it’s my turn to be his father…

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