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And Iam a bit tipsy, should I say

We’re having the success party. I am a bit tipsy. Loving it BIG Time !!!!

It’s cool. Everyone’s seems to be enjoying it. Being high does something to you.You simply start liking everyone and everything.

You become ‘blissful’ – with the One, sort of.
Everyone’s enjoying and I am feeling happy for everyone

It’s cool!

Jazz & the Corporate Dance

All early mornings of late are consumed by the jazz playing in the background. A few hours of jazz and I become indifferent to the things at work.

Being an employee of whichever organization, it is mandated that you dance to the whims of the decision makers. There is a chain of decision makers however – for e.g. I am a decision maker in my right, there are people below me who would be decision makers, and bosses above me who would be so with rungs of  bosses above them, all of whom are decision makers. The ceo is a decision maker for a division, but then he/she is answerable to the chairman, chairman is answerable to the MD, the MD to the owner, the owner to the board, and the board to the investors and shareholders. The large investors are answerable to their high net worth clients, and the clients and the shareholders are answerable to themselves when they look at their faces in the mirrors, or contemplate upon their decisions.

So everyone dances to each others’ whims – a string of dancers right from the lowest rung of employees to the very shareholders at the end, and everyone else in between. A perpetual corporate dance banquet thus ensues.

You are in an even deeper mess however if you don’t know who your boss is – when you report to four different people and none in particular, when your work is as tangible and yet as abstract as it could be, when you are answerable to many and really answerable to none. Different whims here, levels of rope balancing here, different tunes and hence different types of dances – you jazz, you waltz, you samba and the likes….

They say it is good to have hope and optimism in – that tendency of things is to eventually sort themselves out.

Meanwhile there’s jazz.

I can dance 😉

Poor approach by the multiplexes?

There are 2 things you could do when faced with a situation: fear it or face it and react accordingly. If you are fearful, you hide yourselves in a locker, cower down, and if you want to face it, you assert yourselves and your beliefs in the face of all odds.

The approach by the multiplexes wrt the hooligans’ warning over screening of MNIK is confusing.

They are certainly scared. It’s not wrong to be scared of course; I am only talking about eventual reactions here. How did the multiplexes react?

First of all, they cancelled all the advance bookings. The reaction was of fear. Then on Friday, they are opening one property each of each multiplex, one by one – just to check out. Best analogy is of a mouse which runs corner to corner, cowers down at the slightest sound. Kind of a thief who runs from one shadow to another bearing burden of his act.

What are the multiplexes afraid of? Are they afraid of standing upto their business model, their long principles and their long term goodwill? Checking out a morsel one by one only to suddenly scout to their
holes when needed.

Sad to note that not the hooligans, not the meek and incapable government but the very own film fraternity has let it down!

When it had to stand, it decided to cower.

Sham of a democracy!

We have elected governments in the states and in the center. And we have unelected unconstitutional powers. These powers are the real rulers of the country – for at their whims, the citizens of the
society are affected.

The government seems to have no effect on the actions of its citizens. Countless parrotted, half willed assurances from a diffident chief minister and an even weaker home minister, our elected representatives, seemed to have no effect on the business establishments and the citizens. In fact so weak do these govt
representatives appear that sometimes I wonder who needs to be protected – the citizens or the politicos themselves. They look as if they themselves are begging for help. Their faces aspires no confidence, but certainly aspires sympathies for them.

A roar of a wild lion is enough to keep citizens at bay for fear of their and their family’s security, and the strongly abled but weakly principled business houses, measured only by bottom lines, scouring
for cover.

And instead of killing the lion, nipping the roars at their bud, the elected government choses to look the other way; guess that’s vote banks at work!

Furthermore the government is also protecting the lion, all 24 hours, 365 days a year with the tax payers’ ; lest we lose a national asset! So that the lion may continue to run wild and amok, and bite and kill, and destroy the very fabric of our beliefs, the sham of a constitution, that the pseudo elected government has vowed to protect!

Phir Miley Sur

Or not miley.

One of the worst reproductions of an original I have seen. A concoction of negligible values and a message that is amidst the glamour quotient. What is it – a Bollywood parade?

It’s hard to comprehend what the party circuit producers have produced and are trying to communicate – the phir mile sur theme or the coming together of many actors on a single song video, most of whose presence only takes away besides raising question marks.

A ruthless disservice to the original. A gloss which humiliatingly rubs the core.

My 3 year old child sums it up better. With an imaginary basket on her head she cries ” bhindi le lo”

“Kitne mein diya”, I ask taking myself away from the massacre on screen that I have vowed to at least see through for the first and the last time.

“Do sau rupiye kilo” she chirps back.

Hmmm…I think even she understands the inflated value of what should’ve been so simple, aesthetic and down to earth… Bhindis weren’t so dearer a few years back!

Then neither was the original Sur Miley…

“Nahi chaahiye, mahengaa hai”, I reply, switching off the phir miley sur for good!

Welcome 2010…

I have a lot of expectations from you 😉

The Best Skin in the World – Arabian vs Chinese

It’s strange but I hadn’t come across many Arabian women until now. Now I think there is a tie for the ‘Best Skin in the World’ title.

Until now I had honored the Chinese with the Best Skin Title. Chinese women have the following skin parameters – flawless, fair and glowing.

Arabian women have the following skin parameters – flawless, fair, glowing and excellently toned. That’s one additional parameter compared to the Chinese.

It’s not my fault then, is it, if I catch myself …er… glancing around rather intently. Too many Arabian girls around are not good for concentration. Then neither are having the Chinese around.

But till I explore better, it’s a tie. Kudos!

The New Year Thing

So you gotta enjoy on the new year’s eve, right? Must till the clock strikes 00.00, smile at everybody like you’re really enjoying it and you’re so happy that the new year has eventually arrived, kiss your loved ones, hug one and all and promise yourselves that this year is the year. You are gonna make it right, make it big, be true to self and follow all your resolutions. This year is it!

Well, I can’t kiss anybody today. My family is an ocean across and am on a trip across for reasons I couldn’t appreciate.

Had no plans of a party till this pass dropped on my lap – Shaan, Atif and Vasundara Das are gonna perform. Can certainly check it out – a lone stag on a new year ‘gotta do something’ trip.

The sound arrangement is cool. I am a bit far from the stage but that’s okay. Only as I look at the event flow is the timing. Starts at 10 pm (they had announced 9.30) and gets over at 4am! Yes, I confirmed
again. Vow! Never been so late on a new year..

I already feel sleepy. Atif’s gonna perform at 01.30 – in the new year! Did I hear myself snore or was that some DJ stuff…hmm.. quite similar.

Long story short. I am not complaining. I will to be wide eyed all thru. Only hope I dominate over my sleep, hours of sitting on a chair and this waft of cold air right thru my sinusitic head. Sneeze.

4am is long…. wonder if I should look around for people to hug – a succor, as the new year, another year strikes.

The DJ has switched to mixing better melodies.

Guess, I better stay put. Sneeze.

3 Idiots : Movie Review

‘Excellence and not success is what people should be seeking. Success will automatically follow’ – this is the brief of the movie. Deep!.

Movie has all the ingredients and the right stars. Aamir, as usual, has lived upto his image of doing ‘meaningful’ films. Madhavan and Sharman live upto their potential.

But the movie owes big time to Boman Irani and the guy called ‘Chatur’ in the film (don’t know his name). They have been simply fabulous and a large part of the movie is on their shoulders.

Overall an engrossing normal story line which could have been shorter but for a few force fitted scenes after the interval… so drags a bit.

A must see for all though, certainly – a funny, emotional, pedantic take on our education system and on .

And the take away is lingering and deep. Deeepp…

Rating: 3.5 stars.

The infinite loop of requirements

A man goes to a certain place. He needs food, transportation, shelter, clothes, electricity, entertainment avenues, other 1000 stuff to make his survival worth it.
So more people are required to specifically provide food, transport and all of the above. And these people need all the above services too.

And so a loop of requirements and providers begins – a complete circle, the diameter of which keeps on increasing since man is not a satisfied creature. He just doesn’t need a car, he prefers a better car, a bigger car… And yes, to drive the requirements loop, we have the concept of money. The more money one has, the more can his requirements be satisfied.

So more the money – more requirements fulfilled – better and bigger than others – more power – more , boost to self worth. Somewhere this also becomes an absolute for a sense of . A triviality thus takes over existence, becomes a whole!

So people want more money, more than anything else – for a sense of self worth; led by an incorrect cross-connection with happiness.

Hmmm….what if man didn’t have any requirements! Would he be happier?

….errant mumblings, rumblings on a rather nebulous plane …s’il vous plaît excusez moi