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Mothers Day Today – If only I’d stop…

Mothers Day Today - If only Id stop...

I don’t remember
But it must have felt safe and warm
When, for the first time, she had held me close
Cajoling and calming a wailing new-born I

I must have felt her chest close to me
Falling, and rising
In anxiety, and excitement
In , and an unconditional belonging
As i clung to her ferociously
For love, for dear life

Years have passed since
I’m out in the wild
Caught up in the race
But once in a while,
If I’d stop
I’d think

If I could stop
I would think

How I wish
I were back to being the lil’ one
On my mama’s lap
When every day
Was my mama’s day

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

A treasure of love

A treasure of love
Are you
To be wrapped in warmth
And cherished forever
Like a fine red wine
In a wooden cask
Or a letter from love
Hidden in an old cardboard box
…in the closet

An Ideal Partner

An Ideal Partner
life partner

A rhythmic strum
A string plucked,
In synchrony.
A complementary note
A major, a minor,
In perfect harmony.
A smile, a frequency…
A melody
That resonates through Eternity.

When Undone

In a where I am alone
In those times when I am undone
I want a ray to shine on me
I want your face to be with me
Forever, when we’ll be gone
Would remain the times we longed
By the river, across the sea

On top of the mountains, you and me

Hand in hand….

Hand in hand
We walk some

x {…..
And as we go about
We part ways
We miss some

The memories
But a flotsam

On the path
We again gather some
We hold on

Hand in hand
We walk some

…… } return to x

What do you need…..

As the bus goes winding by
Thru the hills and the sunset
As you lie flat on the bed
Listening to ‘mora piya’ and the types
Relaxing, chilling
Enjoying, sentimentalizing
Sharing the only headphone
That one of you by chance remembered
Lying across
Feeling each other
500 miles away from home
Connected via a headphone..


If I could absorb you
You are as energetic as once I was
I could absorb your energy
Together, we would radiateIf I could look at you
And let myself be taken in
The would cease to exist
I would just want you.

My eyes would caress you
And glisten at your sight
Maybe moisten too
Time will cease to exist

My eyes would follow your every move
Your slightest movement, your lightest smile
Would be entrenched in
The camera of my eye

But I don’t remember when was
The last time I laughed
When, the last time
I had unabashed fun

My memories are but a dream
And dreams were so wonderful
But now they’d be always be
Wishes, and dreams

What, when, how?
Wish I knew the answers
All I wanna do is laugh
Atleast smile

Like those old days
When there was so much fun
There was such a wonderful I, always
Who’s since long bid a bye

Where is he?
Anyone seen him around?
If there’s someone I miss
It’s I

A dangerous twister, p’raps,
Landed me on another land
Where it’s you, where it’s me
Where everywhere it’s the sea


I’m not in the present

I look into her eyes
As the music plays beyond
As she swings to the music
As we swing to the music
As everyone swings to the music

As we hold hands
Oblivious to the world
Oblivious to the music
Hands on each other
Face on the shoulder
As we groove
As we hold
As we love

I am in the present
I look into her eyes
Scattered across the hall
As I drain another glass
The rhythm is pounding strong
The beats are hurting
As the music plays beyond
As everyone swings to the music
As everyone dances to the music

And I am never in the present
Should I be in the present?