b l a n k

I feel so  b l a n k
And not okay
I feel as if I am being led
To I can’t quite figure where

Something’s pulling me
With all its might
I feel so helpless
Is this a fight?

Upheavels and i were never meant to be together
Yet here we are, hand in hand
Brothers in arms
Like best pals ever, playing in the sand (never mind … rhyme’s sake!)

Tide where you’re taking me
I feel so lost
Tide where you’re taking me
Now I need to be composed …

…And positive (cos’ that’s attitude, they say)
is a process
Kabhi idhar, kabhi udhar, and hey
What the ***k
(I meant heck, by the way)

Sometimes on a different path
You do get lost
And you do feel vacuous
And b l a n k

But, as they say, just hold on
There’s a story in the dark
There’s a way
Even in the unknown

So, worry me not for long
Cos I will soon be along

I will fill in the  b l a n k
And even sing a song!

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