What do we really control?

What do we really control?

An excerpt from my , Unravelling, releasing soon.

“Who are you?”   


“Are you sure you are Aadit?”


“What are you doing?” 

I am sitting here in ; breathing, meditating.

“Are you sure You are the one breathing?”

Yes I am.

“Is your breath under your control – are you initiating it, stopping it, making sure it’s reaching where it needs to?”

No. I don’t control it.

“So the breath comes and goes without you doing anything about it”         


“Are the functions of most of your organs – heart, kidney, brain, liver and others under your control?”    


“Can you call your body yours if you don’t even have control over its organs and parts?”


“What is under your control:  if not your breath, not your organs, not even the body that you call yours?”      

My thoughts and actions.

“Are your thoughts and actions a part of your body?”

No. They are a part of Me.

“Does that mean You are different from your body?” 


“Are the results of your thoughts and actions under your control?”


“Is anything under your control?”


“Who are you then when nothing is in your control?”

A doer. An observer.

Mothers Day Today – If only I’d stop…

Mothers Day Today - If only Id stop...

I don’t remember
But it must have felt safe and warm
When, for the first time, she had held me close
Cajoling and calming a wailing new-born I

I must have felt her chest close to me
Falling, and rising
In anxiety, and excitement
In , and an unconditional belonging
As i clung to her ferociously
For love, for dear life

Years have passed since
I’m out in the wild
Caught up in the race
But once in a while,
If I’d stop
I’d think

If I could stop
I would think

How I wish
I were back to being the lil’ one
On my mama’s lap
When every day
Was my mama’s day

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!