Two places

As I watch myself
I find that I’m everywhere
Between an adventure and a home
Between two ideologies
Two hearts, two emotions,
P’raps on the path of virtuosity

You brush across many
On the narrow streets of life
Most of them pass you by
… well, most of them.

The motto of life?

The motto of life?

Black and Light

Black and Light
Black and White Tree

Who am I

Who arst I, I ask myself often
And whence I know, I know,
I need know nothin’ more
I need say nothin’ more

Two Bogies

Bogies of different trains we are
That met at a station
We share more than the cursory
A linkage more than the evident

Now as the guard blows the whistle
And you pull out of the station
The heart beats faster
Threat of a mere memory looms
Alas your track runs different
Our destinations lead afar

But the is long
Many stations would come along
Deep I hope
Our tracks would meet again
And we would be stationed for good
At another station