I rub anxiety off my face
As I look on vacuously
Would it be done?
I wonder.

The guy standing beside me
Is playing with his phone,
Burying the issues, the fights
That have been hammering him
Since early morn

The lady in front of me
Is on the phone
Tense, rubbing her eyes
She’s been awake the whole night
And fighting ’em all

Inside the glass cabin
The glass has broken
And crashed upon, well,
The ceo

I get a call
‘The diamond’s lost’, she says frantically
‘The ring that you gave me’

I continue with my stare-at-nothing
Will it be done, I still wonder
As I imagine her frantic lost-diamond face
See the guy shifting beside me
The lady flustered
The ceo rushing out
To wash the blood off

Funny how
I’m here, amidst
But nowhere, really…