Sound of silence

Absolute silence
This summer afternoon
Not a sound
In the house
Except for the gentle whirr of the fan
And the tick tock tick of the clockIt’s so eerie
I despair
I re-assure myself
Everything’s cool
As I lay on the bed
And become aware

Have been caught up
In the din of the world
Have become almost deaf
To the harmony in me
To Self
And scared
Of the silence within

In the long term…

A party again
Everyone’s high
And on one’s own

Some dancing
With themselves
And others
To a funky song

A few flaunting
Some positioning
Some romancing
Some conversing with the glass
Some lost
Some realizing

Being themselves.

Most of the times
We are reflections
Of our environs
Of our expectations
Of our desires
…of the short term

Cos’ in the long term,
We don’t matter
We’re all dead!