At the barber shop..

Waiting at a barber shop is kinda cool.

There’s really nothing specific to do and you’re at your disheveled  best. Everyone is! Guess there is a Mr Disheveled contest.

Each one out there is trying to figure out something to do while to be trimmed. There’s stacks of film magazines, news papers and stuff which are not really interesting. To pass time however, there’s this mandatory exercise of flipping thru as many magazines one can get his hands on. The more picky ones would go for the newspapers, and some would also look for business newspapers… most average barber shops don’t even bother to keep them.

For me, at my average scissor shop, there’re no business newspapers and I certainly am at my dissheveled best. I might the best there is! There’s months of preparation & inertia behind it! The time when my family members start moving around me with scissors in their hands is when I realize my time is up! ‘Thou shalt go there or suffer here’!

Sitting out there with a few people, I just look out on the street – at the rickshaws, the cycles, buses, cars, vada waales, the hustle bustle of people moving about pointedly on what should be an ‘idle’ sunday afternoon. I wonder where all these people are going, what is going on in their minds, their stories, their struggles, their purpose…

I think about what causes such an infinite restlessness in an infinitesimal . I get into a loop. I think further, I observe…

Amidst the noise, the chaos there’s so much peace. This peace is not found within the air conditioned confines of our offices, our homes. It’s only found when you spend time with yourself.

One of the polished diamonds comes out of the assembly line looking at the world in glee while pulling up his pants over his ballooned belly. His best efforts at covering his impending total baldness doesn’t seem to be working. The owner beckons me in with a wink.

My wait is over and I am about to be polished into a fine shining gem, a fine exhibit for the world. For a few months, that is!

For a permanent polish however, I’ll have to strive infinitely, consciously…


The dark clouds are pierced
As the nose dives
And cut by the silver wing
Appear the hues below
Of the dark abundant water
And the fresh foliage green

When suddenly, off a mountain top
With the swoosh of the silver sword
The green disappears
The water vanishes
A new canvas appears
And everywhere, sliced in half
Appear those little dotted
Vastly omnipresent tarpaulins grey and blue

I lean back in my seat
I close my eyes and sigh
I welcome myself
To the city of Slumbai!

What do you need…..

As the bus goes winding by
Thru the hills and the sunset
As you lie flat on the bed
Listening to ‘mora piya’ and the types
Relaxing, chilling
Enjoying, sentimentalizing
Sharing the only headphone
That one of you by chance remembered
Lying across
Feeling each other
500 miles away from home
Connected via a headphone..


If I could absorb you
You are as energetic as once I was
I could absorb your energy
Together, we would radiateIf I could look at you
And let myself be taken in
The would cease to exist
I would just want you.

My eyes would caress you
And glisten at your sight
Maybe moisten too
Time will cease to exist

My eyes would follow your every move
Your slightest movement, your lightest smile
Would be entrenched in
The camera of my eye

But I don’t remember when was
The last time I laughed
When, the last time
I had unabashed fun

My memories are but a dream
And dreams were so wonderful
But now they’d be always be
Wishes, and dreams

What, when, how?
Wish I knew the answers
All I wanna do is laugh
Atleast smile

Like those old days
When there was so much fun
There was such a wonderful I, always
Who’s since long bid a bye

Where is he?
Anyone seen him around?
If there’s someone I miss
It’s I

A dangerous twister, p’raps,
Landed me on another land
Where it’s you, where it’s me
Where everywhere it’s the sea