Too late for the new Kites to fly

Saw the version of Kites. Didn’t like it. Found it amateurish and dragging.

Just saw the english version presented by Brett Ratner. Though the core remains and one could be affected, the film is crisp and could have augured well if the same edit would have been used for the hindi version. It certainly wouldn’t have received the bashing it so received.

For the english version I went to the theater on a thursday eve. For a capacity of 300, there were just 5 people in the theater, including my friend and I!

Hindi has had a 1 week lead. Too many negatives floating out there and the fall guy will  be the english version. Someone had advised releasing both versions together…to give viewers a choice. We feared cannibalization which also was justified in a commercial way, still is.

Had the hindi version received positive reviews a la , would have the 1 week delayed release of the Brett Ratner version worked?

Or should we have just launched it all together. Let the audience have a choice? And risk cross-cannibalization?