Phir Miley Sur

Or not miley.

One of the worst reproductions of an original I have seen. A concoction of negligible values and a message that is amidst the glamour quotient. What is it – a Bollywood parade?

It’s hard to comprehend what the party circuit producers have produced and are trying to communicate – the phir mile sur theme or the coming together of many actors on a single song video, most of whose presence only takes away besides raising question marks.

A ruthless disservice to the original. A gloss which humiliatingly rubs the core.

My 3 year old child sums it up better. With an imaginary basket on her head she cries ” bhindi le lo”

“Kitne mein diya”, I ask taking myself away from the massacre on screen that I have vowed to at least see through for the first and the last time.

“Do sau rupiye kilo” she chirps back.

Hmmm…I think even she understands the inflated value of what should’ve been so simple, aesthetic and to earth… Bhindis weren’t so dearer a few years back!

Then neither was the original Sur Miley…

“Nahi chaahiye, mahengaa hai”, I reply, switching off the phir miley sur for good!